Woven roving fabrics

Woven roving glass fabrics made by KROSGLASS SA are produced on weaving looms mainly from direct roving. Rovings used have filament diameter from 10μm to 24μm. They are coated with chemical active vinyl-silane or metacrylosilane sizing enabling direct application of the fabrics in production of laminates (no additional operations of surface finishing off are required) while good polymer-to-glass adhesion is ensured.

Plain and twill weaves, with various density of weaving, are used.

Roving fabrics have the form of rolls wound on hardened paper tubes, diameter 73 mm or 76 mm, and packed in polyethylene foil protecting against moisture and dirt. The rolls are laid in several layers in a cone. The entire cargo is placed on a wooden pallet, dimensions 1,300 x 1,200 mm or 1,200 x 900 mm, additionally protected with a polyethylene film and tied with polypropylene tape. The cargo's net weight is approx. 750 kg.


Technical parameters